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Implementation & Optimization

With over 400 years of combined experience, JTG’s talented advisory staff truly understand clinical and workflow implications to patient healthcare outcomes and are ready to serve as your advocate. Based on our initial assessment of your unique challenges, JTG will designate qualified financial, administrative, IT and clinical specialists to tackle target-driven change management. Every client will benefit from our experience and expertise over years of lessons learned and implementation of best practices.

We take a positive approach to proactively bringing our clients ahead of the curve, improving performance of their intrinsic core competencies and exploiting areas poised for enhanced efficiencies. We at JTG find it a rewarding challenge to assist organizations in finding their optimal path to achieving their strategic vision. Our goal is to effect sustainable success through short-term critical turnarounds and institute long-run foundational changes.

We offer technical services to help you through every stage of the implementation and optimization process. Whether you are implementing a brand new EHR or integrating an ancillary system or device into your existing eco-system, JTG can provide the guidance and support your organization needs throughout the implementation journey. We can also evaluate and optimize your current systems, to maximize your return on investment.

We offer the following implementation and optimization services:

  • Organizational Advisement

    • Baseline Assessment and Benchmarking of Processes and Practices

    • System Recommendations and Implementation Strategy for EHR, LIS, Downstream Ancillary Systems

    • Risk Assessments and Mitigation/Containment Strategies

    • Proprietary Tools for efficiency gains and elimination of human error throughout all phases of the journey

    • Vendor Coordination and Alignment through long-standing established relationships across the industry

  • People and Change Management

    • Internal Capacity Analysis and Resource Planning

    • Readiness/Employee Feedback

    • Effective Integrated Preparation

    • Process Redesign

    • Management and Reinforcement of Change Approaches

  • Workflow

    • Complete Assessment

    • Definition

    • Proof of Concept Testing

    • Documentation

  • Clinical Systems

    • System Design, Build and Optimizations

    • Data Extraction & Migration

  • Interoperability Facilitation – Design, Build and Test

    • Information Systems (EHR, LIS, LIMS, HIS, Blood Bank, Donor Management, etc.)

    • Reference Laboratories

    • Analyzers for All Disciplines

    • Point of Care (POC)

    • Middleware

    • Quality Control Programs

    • Department of Health, Infection Control, etc.

    • Billing and Clearing House Systems

  • Regulatory

    • CAP/CLIA Readiness

    • Patient Safety

    • Billing Compliance

    • QA/RA

  • Testing

    • Functional and Mapped Record Testing (MRT)

    • Facilitation of User Acceptance Testing (UAT)

    • Mock Technical and Operational Activation

  • Ad-Hoc Reporting

    • Clinical

    • Management and Operational

    • Billing

    • Lab Analytics

  • Support for New and Legacy Systems

    • Go-Live-Activation Support

    • User Training – new system features and workflows

    • Transition and Hand-Off

    • Post Go-Live Support and Maintenance 

    • Break/Fix, System Administration, New Test Builds, etc.


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