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Microbiology TLA

At JTG Consulting Group, one of our many specialties is optimizing and integrating Microbiology Total Laboratory Automation (TLA) solutions and instrumentation, including the BD Kiestra™, Copan WASP® and WASPLab®, and the Clever Culture APAS Independence systems, to help labs realize the full potential of their investment. With our expertise, we assist laboratories in reducing workarounds and the need for dual-entry processes, ensuring maximum efficiency and accuracy. Let us empower your lab to streamline operations, driving its success and achieving new heights of efficiency and innovation. 

System Expertise


BD Kiestra™

Our proficiency extends to BD Kiestra™. We provide integration support with the BD Kiestra™ TLA system to your middleware and/or LIS/EHR.


Copan WASP® and WASPLab® systems 

Our expertise runs deep with Copan. We offer integration support with the Copan WASP® and  WASPLab® system to your middleware and/or LIS/EHR. 


Clever Culture Systems APAS Independence 

Leverage our expertise with Clever Culture Systems. We offer integration support with the Clever Culture APAS Independence system to your middleware and/or LIS/EHR. 

We offer integration assistance for: VITEK® (bioMérieux), Microscan (Beckman), Sensititre (ThermoFisher), Bruker MALDI, bioMérieux MALDI, and many more. 


Our Services:

At JTG, we understand that every lab is unique, which is why our services are tailored to meet your specific needs, ensuring that you realize the full investment of your laboratory equipment.  

System Optimization

Tailored support aimed at maximizing the efficiency and capabilities of your instruments, enabling you to get the most out of your equipment and ultimately freeing up your staff for other important activities.

End-to-End Automation Strategy

From consulting and system selection to implementation and optimization, we provide a full range of services to ensure your laboratory's automation project is successful.  

Seamless Integration

Our priority is to seamlessly integrate your lab's workflows for optimal efficiency. This encompasses maximizing equipment efficiency and seamlessly integrating all sample types. By eliminating workarounds and dual entry, our integration services empower your lab to achieve peak performance and maintain effective communication with other downstream ID/AST platforms.  

Project Management

Our project management services ensure your automation project stays on track, with timely completion and achievement of desired outcomes. 

Let Your Individuality Shine, Tell Us Who You Are

Lab Director

Why Partner with JTG Consulting Group?  

JTG Consulting Group, your system-agnostic partner, seamlessly integrates cutting-edge solutions such as the BD Kiestra™ TLA system and Copan WASP® and WASP Lab® systems into your laboratory operations. This unique capability ensures a customized automation solution perfectly aligned with your specific requirements. 

KLAS Research First Look Report:
JTG Consulting Group

The KLAS Research verifies the effectiveness and strength of JTG Consulting Group's staff in Laboratory IT Consulting and HIT Staffing. 

Related Past Projects 

JTG Consulting Group has successfully executed a recent project at a customer site, entailing the installation of over 50 laboratory clinical chemistry and immunochemistry instruments, alongside implementing automation lines across numerous laboratory sites. This initiative was driven by the goal of enhancing laboratory efficiency and accuracy, ultimately contributing to improved patient outcomes.



Whether you are stuck implementing existing instruments or are looking to install new equipment, with our rich experience, we've streamlined the process. On average, we complete projects 30-40% faster than doing it alone. 


 With years of experience in laboratory automation, our team has the knowledge and skills to understand your unique needs and deliver tailored, innovative solutions.  

Embrace the future of microbiology laboratory automation with JTG Consulting Group. Combining the strengths of BD Kiestra™ TLA system and Copan WASP® and WASP Lab® systems into your middleware or LIS/EHR, we offer unparalleled solutions to enhance your laboratory operations, maximize efficiencies, and achieve superior outcomes.  

Contact JTG Consulting Group today to discover how we can transform your laboratory's capabilities and drive the best outcomes for you and your patients. 

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