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2020 National Medical Laboratory Professionals Week

In honor of Medical Laboratory Professionals Week, JTG would like to highlight the contributions that Laboratory Professionals make to the healthcare system. Laboratory professionals are often the unseen heroes of medicine, working behind the scene analyzing, investigating and testing to get the results that are essential for Doctors and other medical professionals to make informed treatment decisions. Further, they are the backbone of medical research. A patient’s medical record is composed of about 70% lab data. Almost every medical diagnosis is derived from a lab test result.

The importance of the work of laboratory professionals has never been more evident. During the current COVID-19 Public Health Crisis laboratory professionals are in the front-lines working to contain this outbreak and help us all go back to our normal lives. Not only are laboratory professionals working to test individuals for the virus, but they are also studying treatments for the virus and studying the virus itself.

One only needs to browse current news headlines to see the important work being done by laboratory professionals. Here are some examples:

Laboratory professionals are involved in every stage of the COVD-19 response from the abstract policy decisions, to the implementation of public health policy, to studying the virus and developing possible treatments to direct patient treatment.

Here at JTG we are proud to serve Laboratory Professionals by providing the support they need to optimize efficiencies in their systems so they can be more effective in their work.

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