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Celebrating Nursing Assistants Week

JTG Consulting Group understands that the United States' healthcare system is a complex ecosystem that depends on different types of professionals to come together to provide healthcare to patients. Each professional plays a unique and important role in the delivery of healthcare. As we start National Nursing Assistants Week we want to highlight the contributions that nursing assistants make to the healthcare system and want to thank Nursing Assistants for their work.

During the current COVID-19 public health crisis we have become acutely aware of the importance of the work that nursing assistants do. Whether they are working in a hospital, doctor’s office, or nursing home, these professionals provide hands-on care, often to some of the most vulnerable individuals in our society.

There are countless news stories on how COVID-19 is disproportionately affecting nursing homes. Nursing Assistants working in these nursing homes are on the front line, providing care to elderly and disabled patients, while putting their own health at risk.

Below are a few recent articles that highlight the work of Nursing Assistants and also describe some of the challenges they are facing:

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