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Charting the Future: Highlights from the JTG Annual Meeting in Dallas

JTG’s Annual Meeting held in Dallas, TX was a truly incredible event embodying the spirit of collaboration and forward-thinking that defines the spirit and values of #TeamJTG. Kicked off with a State of the Union by our President & CEO, Jamel Giuma, the opening session encouraged the team to reflect on the past year's achievements and excellence in Laboratory IT, while also gearing up for the new challenges and opportunities 2024 has in store for our team. 

The retrospective of 2023 was not just about celebrating our and our customer’s successes, but also about learning from the hurdles we've overcome together. This reflection laid the groundwork for a realistic and ambitious roadmap for the coming year, as outlined by the leadership team. 

A highlight of the event was a session conducted by Lisa Dwyer, Project Manager, and Audrey Carlson, Principal Consultant, during which they shared valuable lessons from their recent involvement in a successful Instrument Installation and Automation Line Implementation. Their experiences not only showcased the depth of our team's expertise but also fostered a learning environment where everyone could benefit from shared knowledge. The meeting provided an invaluable opportunity for direct interaction and team bonding. 

We firmly embrace the philosophy of "work hard and play hard." While in Dallas, we organized an evening at Bowl Games, providing our team with an opportunity to relax and unwind after a day of travel and team-building activities. One of the highlights of the evening was the introduction of Pintoss, a dynamic game that captured everyone's interest. In Pintoss, players take turns throwing a football at the opposing team's pins, creating an exciting and competitive atmosphere that kept everyone fully immersed until all the pins fell. 

Overall, the JTG Annual Meeting was a productive blend of reflection, learning, planning, and most importantly, FUN! It reinforced our commitment to excellence and collaboration, setting a solid foundation for our endeavors in 2024. 

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