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Q4 2023 and Beyond: Wrapping Up with Insight

Dear Colleagues,

With the onset of the fall season, JTG Consulting Group is keenly focused on a strong finish to the year.

I would like to thank everyone who attended the CAP 2023 conference. As exhibitors, it was a privilege to engage with some of the brightest minds in pathology. Our excitement continues as we look forward to connecting with many of you at the AABB 2023 event this weekend in Nashville, TN.

A key topic of discussion in our industry is the recent proposal from the FDA regarding Laboratory Developed Tests (LDTs). While this proposal is still under consideration, it's crucial that we understand its potential ramifications for laboratories. You can find more details about this development here. As always, JTG is closely following these potential changes and is prepared to provide guidance and support.

The current staffing shortages, particularly within labs and IT departments, continue to be a challenge. However, the pace of projects remains undiminished. It's here that JTG Consulting Group sees an opportunity to assist. Health systems and laboratories can efficiently address this backlog by leveraging our team of consultants. In doing so, projects can be executed on time, ensuring patient safety, and maximizing return on investment.

It's also worth noting the recent decisions by health systems, including UPMC and Intermountain Healthcare, to transition to Epic from Cerner. Such moves are indicative of the ever-evolving landscape of our industry, and we recognize their forward-thinking initiatives. The recent announcement by UPMC to unify six million patient records onto a single Epic EHR platform particularly showcases the potential of enhanced health data interoperability, aligning closely with our mission at JTG Consulting Group. This initiative not only promises quicker access to critical patient data but also foretells cost-savings and an enriched patient experience through a secure online portal.

At JTG Consulting Group, we are primed to guide organizations on this transformative path. Our comprehensive services, including turnkey implementation solutions and custom consulting, are tailored to meet the unique demands of modernizing healthcare IT infrastructures.

As we move towards the end of the year, our commitment remains unwavering. The challenges ahead are simply opportunities in disguise, and with collaboration, we can overcome them.

Wishing you all a successful and safe end to the year!

Warm regards,

Jamel Giuma

President and CEO

JTG Consulting Group

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