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Project Management

Our highly experienced professionals have many years in a wide cross-section of industries with a deep proficiency in healthcare, laboratory and laboratory information sectors. Our goal is to collaborate with your existing daily operations with minimal impact throughout the project life cycles. Our portfolio of projects is consistent in quality; we pride ourselves on on-time completions, cost-effectiveness and quality of product outcome.

JTG places a strong emphasis on being the right cultural fit for your organization and look to evolve with the ever-changing needs of your operation. We understand the importance of being a cornerstone team member and enter our projects with the intention to be there when it counts most, going the extra mile during the long haul of implementation and homestretch of project execution.

We offer custom project management services for all of your organization's IT Projects. Whether you are looking for full service turnkey project management solutions or "a la carte" project management services to help you through a particular phase of your project, JTG can work with your organization to manage your project.


JTG Project Managers facilitate the following project management services:  

  • Turnkey Implementation Solutions

  • Assessment

  • Discovery

  • EHR Readiness and Vendor Selection 

  • Cash Flow Analysis and Planning  

  • Evaluation of Operational Expenditures  

  • Contract Development and Negotiation 

  • Project Development  

  • Comprehensive Planning Tools  

  • Alignment of Project Budget and Scope 

  • Schedule Development and Management

  • Project Team Management (JTG Consultants, Client Staff & Third-Party Vendors)   

  • Escalation of Risks and Issues  

  • Stakeholder Management  

  • Change Awareness & Change Management 

  • Project Recovery

  • Project Status Reports

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