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Automating Laboratory Operations: The Role of JTG Consulting Group in Successful Instrument and Automation Line Integration and Implementation


The laboratory sector is continually seeking advancements in technology to improve patient care. Recently, JTG Consulting Group embarked on a project involving the installation of 50+ laboratory clinical chemistry and immunochemistry instruments, as well as the implementation of automation lines across multiple laboratory locations. This project aims to improve laboratory efficiency and accuracy, which are crucial for enhancing patient outcomes. 

Project Scope 

The project's magnitude was remarkable, encompassing the installation of 50+ high-tech instruments spanning multiple laboratory locations. Key highlights include: 

  • Installation and Instrument Integration: Facilitating the replacement of laboratory instruments to Roche’s cobas® pro and pure integrated solutions for enhanced precision and efficiency. 

  • Automation Lines Implementation: Establishing state-of-the-art automation lines in two labs, setting new standards in sample pre- and post-analytic processing by integrating Roche’s cobas® p 612s, CCMs, and p 701s. 

  • Middleware Implementation: Integrating Roche’s cobas® infinity middleware to Clinisys Clinical Laboratory™ across all laboratories to streamline data management and workflows. 

Detailed Focus 

  • Lab Upgrades: Involving new physical lab space development, integration of instrumentation, and implementation of the Tempus600® pneumatic tube system. 

  • Laboratory Leadership: Ensuring a comprehensive review, planning, testing, and training processes for laboratory staff, encompassing new instruments, automation lines, and middleware usage. 

Teams and Collaboration 

A successful project of this scale required the seamless collaboration of multiple expert teams: 

  • Laboratory leaders, supervisors, technicians, QA, and specimen processing personnel. 

  • LIS and network/infrastructure teams. 

  • JTG Consulting Group, playing a crucial role in coordination, technical expertise, interface programming, and project management.  

  • Roche Diagnostics PMO, field service engineers, technical resources, and trainers. 


JTG's Expert Assistance and Impact 

JTG Consulting Group was instrumental in several areas, ensuring the project's success: 

  • Meeting Facilitation and Technical Expertise: Providing guidance and expertise in technical meetings, ensuring alignment and forward momentum. 

  • System Build and Validation: Streamlining project with automated tools, expert build and troubleshooting, as well as validation of interfaces between Clinisys, Roche middleware, and instrumentation.   

  • Coordination and Liaison Services: Acting as a bridge among different teams and organizations to streamline communication and project execution. 

  • Timely Support and Problem Escalation: Addressing and escalating issues promptly to avoid delays. 

Challenges Overcome 

During the project, the client, Roche, and JTG faced and resolved numerous challenges: 

  • Custom Spreadsheet Development: Tailoring solutions to simplify lab testing processes. 

  • Efficient Testing Management: Streamlining the bulk order process and monitoring wet-testing progression. 

  • Technical Solutions: Addressing specific instrument interfacing and maintenance build, ensuring seamless integration and desired functionality. 


This project stands as a testament to JTG Consulting Group's capability in managing and executing large-scale instrument and automation line implementations. Our role transcended beyond mere consultation, encompassing active problem-solving, technical expertise, and project management. The successful completion of this project not only advanced laboratory operations but also set a new benchmark in patient care. 

For laboratories seeking to revolutionize their operations with the latest in instrument technology and automation lines, JTG Consulting Group offers the expertise, experience, and dedication needed to turn vision into reality. Contact us to explore how we can transform your laboratory operations into a model of modern efficiency and precision. 

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